Tenth Generation: Education and the Diaspora

Walter Joseph Primeaux, Jr. was born March 3, 1928. He married Natalie Marie Ardoin on December 26, 1948.

Walter, Jr. was the first Primeaux in our line to attend college and attain a degree. He earned a BS degree in 1951 from Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now University of Louisiana, Lafayette), an MA in 1966 and PhD in 1967, from University of Houston.

Walter, Jr., who had a background in accounting, had been a partner with Walter, Sr. and Pete Mouledous in the appliance business in Abbeville from 1955 to 1962. After a stint as a school teacher, he enrolled at University of Houston in 1963 to pursue his advanced degrees in Economics. He held professorships at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, and McNeese State University in Lake Charles before taking a post as professor at the University of Mississippi in Oxford (Ole Miss) in 1969. He later taught at University of Illinois in Urbana, from where he retired in 1988 and returned to Abbeville. During his career as a professor, he authored many scholarly journal articles, authored and co-authored books and text books, and was recognized as an expert in the field of public utility deregulation.

Walter, Jr. was a member of the United States Navy stationed in Tsingtao, China from February 1946 to December 1947. From the records, it appears he and Pierre the militaman are the sole military veterans in our lineage.

The children of Walter, Jr., and Natalie were: Lawrence Primeaux, who is the next in the line of descent for our family; David Primeaux, born July 16, 1950; Claire Primeaux, born July 23, 1954; Marlene Ann Primeaux, born February 8, 1958; Marie Beth Primeaux, born April 25, 1959; Joan Primeaux, born March 17, 1960; Catherine Primeaux, born August 22, 1961; and Michelle Primeaux, born September 29, 1970.