We are the children of the Acadians. That is a rich cultural and historical legacy in itself, but beyond our Acadian roots we have a colorful family story. If we are to know and understand who we are, we have to know both the story of our Acadian legacy and how our family story fits into it.

In looking over the genealogical charts articles about our ancestry, I was struck by the fact that nowhere is the entire story laid out in narrative fashion. Genealogical charts are for the most part dry, bare-bones data; a snippet of information here, a snippet there, and an almost overwhelming volume of data. So I set out to take all of that data, along with the few articles I have found about our family, to produce a coherent story that can be passed on.

This is not a scholarly or academic work. All of the essential facts are based on genealogical research and other reliable sources, and so I believe them to be accurate. There is some speculation included, but I have limited it to what I would expect the characters’ thoughts, motives and feelings might have been, and I have tried to make the speculation clear in the context. None of the essential facts or historical context, however, are based on guesswork or fiction; those are based on research.

This is for the Primeaux, Mouledous, Hebert, Breaux, Henderson, Melancon, Bloebaum, Dartez, Dunnaway, Lazarus and Naquin children who need to know this lore and pass it on in turn to their children and so on, so that the story is never lost.

Larry Primeaux

March 29, 2010