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Welcome to a blog for all of the Primeaux, Mouledous, Hebert, Breaux, Henderson, Melancon, Bloebaum, Dartez, Dunnaway and Lazarus cousins.

Here we can

  • Announce upcoming events
  • Broadcast family news
  • Share family information
  • Tell stories
  • Communicate with one another
  • And anything else we find useful.

Please add your comments.  To comment, look below the post and click “Comment.”  We need your participation to make this a going concern.   And when you find this blog for the first time, be sure to post a comment so we can know who’s with us!

Aimee, Paul, Michelle and I are the administrators of this blog.  We will be posting items that we hope you’ll find informative and entertaining.  If you would like to be a Contributor who can post to this blog, click the “Bienvenue” tab above and follow the instructions.  Of course, you can add a comment without being a Contributor.  It would be great to have a Contributor in each geographic area of the family posting news and info here. 

If you have any ideas to make this blog better, e-mail one of us.  Our e-mail addresses are at the “Bienvenue” tab above, where you will find info about this blog.

Lache pas la patate!

Larry Primeaux

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