by Larry Primeaux

  • A word for the web site
  • Prologue
  • The Tragic History of the Acadians
  • One Family’s Mythology and Quest for the Truth
  • First Generation: In the New World
  • Second Generation: Homestead in Chateauguay
  • Third Generation and Le Grand Derangement
  • Fourth Generation: St. Martinville Years
  • Fifth Generation: Return to Vermilion Parish
  • Sixth Generation: War and Peace
  • Seventh Generation: Into the Twentieth Century
  • Eighth Generation: Life on the Farm
  • Ninth Generation: Texas and Return
  • Tenth Generation: Education and the Diaspora
  • Eleventh Generation: The Mississippi Branch
  • Twelfth Generation: Far Horizons
  • Deep Genealogy
  • Sources