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Happy Easter!

Aimée, here…I’m so excited about this family blog, and hope we can better stay in touch using it. I have many thoughts about how to use it; we’ll most likely be adding a “photos” page, and will probably start a Facebook “group” since a lot of you are there. If you have any ideas, please send them my way.

I’m watching Red Sox opening day (night), and can hardly keep my eyes open, but I did want to post some pictures of Baxter’s baptism. We decided to have him baptized here in Massachusetts at Christ Church Cambridge (my church of 3+ years) during the Easter Vigil service. Dru’s parents and Mark were there; Nola took time from playing dress-up in the nursery to arrive wearing a princess costume. It was priceless. Unfortunately, my parents couldn’t be here, but my in-laws, Danny and Linda were here, and we are looking forward to a visit with my folks in a few days.

Here are a couple of photos.

Mark, Nola, and Dru

Godmother Diana, Aimee, Godfather Travis, Baxter, Mark, and Linda

Dru and Bax

Baxter, Linda, and Nola

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