Some of you may know that I used to be really good about blogging. Lately, busy with two kids, work, and a job search, I’ve been slacking. Back when I was blogging a lot, I had a food blog called Syrup and Cornbread (you can still access it in the link on the sidebar) and I posted MaMa Nola’s brownie recipe. One day I got a call from a very nice lady who asked to use this recipe in a cookbook which would feature recipes from home cooks across the country. I gave her the recipe and never heard anything. Well, the other day at church, a friend stopped me and said that she thought she saw my name in a new cookbook she’d just bought. Sure enough, MaMa Nola’s brownie recipe has now been published! It’s in One Big Table: A Portrait of American Cooking compiled by Molly O’Neill. I’ve scanned the page for you: